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In times of great crisis, people generally show either great ingenuity
or self-reliance; others do incredibly strange or stupid things. Do
you remember any examples of either?
Everybody I saw behaved in normally
It was not half as bad as expected but
maybe we were lucky. I recollect eating a good
lunch under a road culvert whilst some
heavy shelling was in progress. Maybe we
were lucky. We were assigned to [?caffene?]
[crossed out] Do you know of anybody else who landed within the 24 hours (midnight
5 June to midnight 6 June) either as infantry, glider or airborne troops,
whom we should write to?[end of crossed out]
BAYEUX on D Day. We got to the
outskirts just before dark on D Day
And entered the town eary a D +1.

What do you do now? I work in the Infantry
Record Office Exeter.

Please let us have this questionnaire as soon as possible, so that we
can include your experiences in the book. We hope that you will continue
your story on separate sheets if we have not left sufficient room. Full
acknowledgement will be given in a chapter called "Where They Are Now."

Cornelius Ryan
Joan O. Isaacs
The Reader's Digest

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