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Were any of your friends killed or wounded either during the landing or
during the day? yes

Do you remember any conversations you had with them before they became
Were you wounded? no
How were you wounded?

Do you remember what it was like — that is, do you remember whether you
felt any pain or were you so surprised that you felt nothing?

Do you remember seeing or hearing anything that seems funny now, even though
it may not have seemed amusing at the time? Or anything unexpected or out-
I had never heard my P.O. Brig E.J. Montgomery O.B.E. use foul language
although he could swear with the best of them if the necessity arose but on the beach my
Amph Jeep got stuck on a vault of timber, the Brig appeared just as I and my driver, Griggs
was winching it off with the aid of a stranded tank. His language in telling us to leav
it + press on inland waas vivid to say the least + surprised even me who had been 6 months
in the rank of the Royal Fusiliers. Fortunately he paned down the beach + we were all to continue
to free it. We had to, it had all my gear in it. I never heard him uses such languange in the
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Do you recall any incident, sad or heroic, or simply memorable, that struck
you more than anything else?

The report of the German officer + his girlfriend, both start naked, found in a
pill-box near the beach, quite dead, killed by the concussion of a shell from the
Rodny indicating a measure of the unexpectedness of the attack. N.B. I did
not see this but only heard it secon hand.

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