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He was tough as a Sergeant Major
at no time did he think he would
be wounded or killed But "I
was always able to tell the men
who were going to get it I
don't know how- but I could
sense it 80% of the time I was
He was with the 6th Batt of the Green
Howards He was CSM of D Co
The Green Howards in his opinion
"were the finest trained group to
go in on D-Day but withtin a
few weeks their losses were
so terrible that the battallion
was shot to pieces + the reinforcements
weren't the same- it was never
the same again"

"Fear is a grand thing for a man
It educates you It teaches humility
once upon a time I thought I was
the bravest man in the world I was
big headed But fear taught me
humility and in that way God

He's not a religious man
although C of E the only time
he had been to church during
war had been a memorial
service in Sicily That day in an
open field --- with 700
soldiers a German sniper opened

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