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fire from somewhere and damned
near - hit him The bullet hit
a tree he was leaning "The only
time "he said, "I go to church during
the war I damn near got killed"

He killed 102 men throughout his
entire war career One he beheaded
with a machete (he came across a
machine gun post by accident;
the German raised his Schmeisser
pistol Hollis swung the knife + was
surprised to see the man's head roll
off) in his first bayonet charge
in Italy he bayonetted a German
directly through the stomach with
such force that his bayonett
purchased the circulars belt
buckle (with the words "Gott Mit Huns")
around the edge) went in +
came out the man's back
He pulled out the bayonet The
German stood there looking at him
without saying a word Then
he turned and walking steadily
away Hollis watched him amazed
He raised his rifle when the
German was more than 100 yards
away from Then he fell dead
Hollis couldn't understand
what made the German walk
that far
He had often laid for 2 days
at a time watching a machine

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