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gun post before attacking it He
cold but not brutal in his
ay of fighting He appeared to
take chances but actually it
was all finely calculated carefully
worked out It was in a sense
the perfect example of the hunter +
the hunted Hollis was a supert
He was fighting "to prevent somebody
stepping on his front + back lawn"
when he landed back in Englad
from Dunkirk (minus his pants-somebody
had stolen them + he was wearing a
blanket) and when he saw the
roadblocks and hastily erected
strongpoints along the coastal roads
he was dumbfounded He had no
idea of the size of the debacle He had
thought that only his division had
suffered It wasn't until much
later that he realized the full scope
of the defeat
He had been at sea from ^1929-1933; + a torry driver from^ 1933 to 1939
He had two girl friends nurses who
had attended him in a Denmark
hospital and after the war began
he wondered what had happened
to them- Oreida Eingebourg Christiansen
and Ylva Neilsen He was so
worried about the that even
resolved that if England was

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