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could have cheerfully killed a
member of his company for running
away Although tough as a csar
had to be he also was the type to
look after the less experienced the
young soldiers
One of them as Pvt Youngs batman
to Lt Kirkpatrick a platoon commander
of D Company Somehow he knew Youngs
was going to get it (no ex)
Sergeant "Ruffy" Hill killed
the moment the ramps went down
"Ruffy" lived about 8 miles away
He was frightened of nothing
They had been through was together
"when the war is over," Ruffy said
"I'm going to come over and live in
France" ----------------------------
-------- They tell me the French girls
are really smashin" "I just
want to come back home" Hollis
told him
Rufty always carried more
ammo than anybody else "where
did you get all the ammo" Hollis asked
"Thats my business Stan- no
questions us pack drill" Rufty
answered "But I'll sort old Fritz
when I get there Anyway they
can afford the ammo- its
a big from Stan You're not
burying it so why worry"
It was the ammo that killed

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