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Form of a certificate for a Ship that brings Pig or Bar Iron from the British
Plantations, agreeable to teh 23d of Geo. II ch. 29.

but, to my great mortification not one of those I
planted [inserted] my self, or were planted by my friends [end inserted] has yet appeared [crossed out] nor do I find that any have [illegible] [end crossed out]
Dr. [?Aoleyothe?] told me a few days ago
the Leech, your leent him
he concluded had all failed for he [illegible] no appearance
of the plant==I do not, however, intirely despare, yet

Given under our hands and Seals of Office at
the Day
of in the Year of
the Reign of our Sovereign Lord GEORGE the Third, King of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland,
and so forth; and in the Year of our Lord, One
thousand seven hundred and

as there are some kinds
of seed wh do not
vegetate until they
have been 2 or 3 mths
in the ground. The
plant wch I suppose to
be the Foxglove is
not yet come up, and I do not recalled to have seen it
until July. I shall be happy to know whether
you [crossed out] have ben able to [end crossed out] raise the plant, or if you do to
be favored with a specimen.

If you write to Dr. Withering, beg you will be
so kind as express my obligations to him, with my most
respectful compliments.

It gives me great pleasure to find that
medical Gentlemen of distinguished character are allending
to the proper ties of vegetables in the course of thier
practice. It appears to me highly probable that the specific
properties of the most active chemical preparations may be
found in the vegetable kingdom
are better adapted to ye. [?mechanism?] & [illegible] of human systems. We have certainly
a number of indigenous plants possed of very active
properties , which I presume [inserts illegible] [illegible] that quacks & old women
have thrown upon you
by ye. [?promiscuous?] [illegible] of all kinds of
vegetables, (and indigenous applications have thrown upon them) is
worn off, (will be considered a form of the most valuable article
in the meteria medica), (or their properties better understood)

Have you made any experiments on the plant
commonly called [?Trunk?] cabbage [inserted words illegible] in [illegible] make easier. It certainly
wants attention. Many distinguished characters, Dr. [illegible]
in particular, [illegible] it one ye. best [crossed out] [medicine?] [end crossed out] remedies they have
every applied. The properties I believe, are by no means
thoroly assertained, & think it probable that it will be found

Port of
These are to certify, That Proof has been made to
us by Affidavit, agreeable to the Act of the 23rd of
George II. cap. 29. that the following Quantity of Pig
or Bar Iron consigned to
[crossed out] now shipped on board the [end crossed out]

effective in many other [illegible]. I should
not have delayed so long
[crossed out][?unfortunately?] [end crossed out] ye. [illegible]
of your letter, had not wished
to have seen ye. digitalis
purpos out of ground, the first
appearance of wh. would probably have been sufficient to have decided
whether ye. plant I have called by ye. name of the fern or not, or should
have had it in my power to have informed you

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