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May 28 1791
Eagle--white head, or bald. Falco leucocephalus. * not peculiar
to America, it is found in Europe also.
The speciman which I had measured between the
wings 7 feet, weighed 10 lbs
grey a horn. Falco lulvers? + larger than ye form
King fisher. Alcedo Alcyon.*
White Goose. Anas [?erathrophus?] +
Black head or Wild. Anas canadensis.
Coot. Anas nigra.*

white headed Anas spectabilis ? +
brown Anas hisea? +
of these I have
seen only the first. The males have all, according
to linnous, the Base of the Beak yellwo; I thought
conjecture our Coats are to be refered to these Sp.
The name is improperly applied, a species of
Fulica is the Coat of Europe.

Blue Goose. Anas corulescens? +
Brant. Anas Bernicla? +
Sea Duck Anas mollifsima.*
Black + Anas
Dipper. Anas Albeola.*
Old wife Anas Strepera?* My specimen was a
formale, cannot therefore determine whether it is
the A. strepera.

Grey Duck + Anas
Widgeon Anas Penelope? +
Mallard, Sprig. tail Duck. Anas acuta.*

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