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38th Canadian Battalion - 4th Canadian Division

From 13th August to 31 August 1916

Volume: 1

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WAR DIARY 38th Canadian Battalion 4th Cdn. Division. from 13th August to 31 August, 1916. Volume 1, Diary Text 1 Page

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WAR DIARY FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST 2016 LIPHOOK, SUNDAY 15th AUGUST 1916 - 38th Battalion marched from Bramshott Camp/Liphook, Kents, England to Station at LIPHOOK, entraining there for Southhampton at 2.30 P.M. Arrived at station about 3.30 P.M. Embarked on troop ship "ARCHANGEL" about 5.00 P.M. Set sail about 7.30 P.M. Rough passage, many men sick. [R.B. CC]

MONDAY 14th AUGUST 1916 - Arrived at HAVRE, FRANCE, very early in the morning. Disembarked at 7.30 A.M. and marched to LARGE REST CAMP Number 1.

TUESDAY 15th AUGUST 1916 - Had a bathing parade for sea, but being too rough was postponed.

WEDNESDAY 16th AUGUST 1916 - Bathing parade to sea in morning. Marched from LARGE REST CAMP Number 1, to station in HAVRE and entrained about 10.00 P.M.. "B" Company and part Machine Gun Section were left at Camp to clean up, etc., and to follow after. Left HAVRE about Midnight.

THURSDAY 17th AUGUST 1916 - Still on train enroute to destination.

FRIDAY 18th AUGUST 1916 - Detrained upon arrival at 6. A.M., Marching to St. LAWRENCE AREA, CAMP "A" STATION 3, arriving at this camp about 9.00 A.M.. Lord Brooke in Command of Brigade. At night "A" and "C" Companies with their Officers went into the trenches for instruction

SATURDAY 19th AUGUST 1916 - Balance of Battalion arrived early in the morning. In the afternoon Lord Brooke gave a short lecture to the Officers of the 38th. "A" and "C" Companies returned later at night from trenches. No casualties or anything of importance occurred.

SUNDAY 20th AUGUST 1916 - Church parades held as usual. Routine.

MONDAY 21st AUGUST 1916 - Left ST. LAWRENCE CAMP at 10.00 A.M. and marched to CONNAUGHT AREA, encamping on arrival about 12.30 P.M.

TUESDAY 22nd AUGUST 1916 - Paymaster and Sargeant obtained cash from Field Cashier and paid Battalion in afternoon. Balance Routine.

WEDNESDAY 23rd AUGUST 1916 - Paymaster finished paying Battalion in morning. Remainder Routine.

THURSDAY 24th AUGUST 1916 - Routine.

FRIDAY 25th AUGUST 1916 - Broke Camp, CONNAUGHT AREA and marched to DEVONSHIRE AREA in time for lunch at noon. Routine afternoon.

SATURDAY 26th AUGUST 1916 - Marched out of DEVONSHIRE CAMP in the morning about 8.30 A.M. proceeding to QUEBEC AREA arriving about 11.30 A.M.. Afternoon routine.

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