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Untitled Page 3

[notation, top right] 13 [/notation, top right]

[preprinted] Office Central Pacific Railroad,

Corner Front and California Streets.

San Francisco, [/preprinted] April 1st 1867

Friend Hopkins

Your letter of 29th [illegible] [covering?] one from Huntington [red?], also [red?] to day from Crocker [a?] letter from the man who [went off?] to attend the drilling machines. He says Strobridge says that the present [mgm?] cannot be stopped to make the necessary connections for [steam?], Mr. [More?] says it will not take over two hours at the most. [Now?] if they get [out?] rock so fast that to pile up [--what--] at the shaft [insert] what [/insert] they would raise in two hours could not be got out of the way, why then it would seem that the drilling machines would be of little benefit, because [--if the rock is--]