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F. Smith, of Salt Lake City, (the last named now temporarily residing in England) are the subscribing witnesses to said Will and William Rossiter, of Salt Lake City, James G. Bleak and John W. Watson, now residing in St George, Washington County, are the subscribing witnesses to codicie thereto

That you petitioners cannot definitely state the names of all the heirs and desirees of said deceased, but they principally reside in Salt Lake County

Your petitioners now come and ask that the said will be admitted to probate as teh last will and testament of the said deceased, and that Setters Testamentary thereon, be issued to your petitioners

Dated Salt Lake City
September 4th 1877

Geo. Q. Cannon
Brigham Young
Albert Carrington

Territory of Utah
County of Salt Lake S.S.

George Q. Cannon, Brigham Young, and Albert Carrington, being duly sworn do each for themselves say that they have heard, read the foregoing petition, subscribed by them