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Geek Weekly Fanzine #8
Spring 2000
"Flying on a weird gust since 1994"

Welcoem to the historic fifth anniversary issue of Geek Weekly
fanzine. We are pleased to bring you this issue which features:

Margaret Moster: the Geek Weekly Rock Critic Interview,
Margaret was so kind as to take a couple of hours to sit and talk to
use about her colorful past in this town we like to call "Austin".

Andria Garner: Singer, dancer, Cajun Queen, Andria used to sing
in a band with George Hennard, the celebreated "Luby's Killer". She
tells us what she remembers, although not what he liked on his
LuAnn platter.

Guest writer Nat Wilson Turner: A Valuable LEsson is the secon piece of fiction published in these paged by the former glam
rocker/fanzine editor.

The debut of the Geek Weekly Sports section: LaSuprema
attempts to get you into basketball before the playoffs begin while
LaInferioria explains the many refined and subtle points of hockey
that appeal to female fans such as herself.

Many fine tributes on the occasion of our fifth anniversary:
Everybody loves a me party. Hooray for us! Eight issues since 1994?
Fuckin' beat that, Alcohol, Drugs, and Driving! Sole survivors of the
Austin Fanzine Wars, my ass.

Thought we'd share with you the BEST/WORST fan mail we've
gotten in a long, long while. This came in from last issue's rock critic
interviewee, Mr. Rob Patterson:

And since I am sticking my ass on the line by slamming everyone,
what do I get other than lunch? Maybe you can fix me up with
one of the dancers with you work with for a salacious nite of
debauchery. I love to muff dive and stay hard for hours. What
more can a girl want--other than money?

Would someone please make sure we get invited to the Spin
party? Jen really wants to see Elliot Smith again.

Happy reading.


Geek Weekly Fanzine #8
Spring 2000
"Flying on a weird gust since 1994"