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ALourie at Aug 08, 2019 12:07 PM


M Aa1 Aa Bc
F Bd 4 Ipai Mur

Ab Bd
Kurrib Kubbi

M Bc 4
F Ab 2
Aa Ab
Bd or Bc Bd or Bc

M-Aa 2
F Bc 6

Ab1 or Ab2 or Aa3

F Aa - 3

M Ab -3
F Bd -5

F Ab - 1

M-Aa 1

[written on right side of page]
In this tribe a man is permitted
to marry either of the [?subdivisions?] of the
marriagable subclass, in other words
being of the class A he married [cla - crossed out] in class
B, which is the old law.

The totems form two groups, in which
each totem is common to both the

As the rules [??] out it produces apparently
a number of