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January 1916

17 Monday

Digging Dug-out. Xmas Comforts
given out. I got flanel shirt. Mostly
from Mosman people. Raft capsized in
canal. 17 men aboard including chap who
was in our tent tonight. One man drowned.
Engineer made reference to some bonza
graves over the other side which he
hopes to handle. German Major
[?] probably be [?]

18 Tuesday

Long Route March along fresh water
creek to Bitter lakes then back
along the Suez Canal retiring to
camp after 1 pm. First Aid lecture
Engineers rapidly constructing
elaborate trenches on other side. General
[Godley] carried out inspection of camp
Monitor passed in Suez direction.
Hospital ship & big P&O. India liner.

19 Wednesday

Stretcher drill &
lecture on application of bandages.
Kitchener's Vultures of Heliopolis
a few at Serapeum. News that
on Monday we move to Ismailia

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