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heidimarie at Aug 12, 2019 09:11 PM



1300 20 MAY 67
Raj - repairs aren't finished yet, the lamps are still burned out.
[signed]L P Russell[/signed]

Joint 2 pot in bug irt kaput.
[signed][J P.?][/signed]

Preventive maintenance on all
model 33 teletypes
new plates on ser# 34466
bad motor shock mounts on ser#37788
replaced main shaft, bearing and belt ser#52515
replaced main shaft and bearings in ser#53384
adjusted blocking levers, ser#34467
adjusted model 35 to prevent double line feed. checked for all other troubles as indicted in log book and adjusted as required, I Hope
[signed] J. Gonzales[/signed]

20 MAY 67
[code printout]
CORE PARITY ERROR, LOCATION 000000076775 OPND = 777773407410
PC = 740000004240 INSTR = 336000000740
DATE = 400636122752 TIME = 1536:21
[/code printout]
[signed]S P Russell[/signed]