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continued occupation, until a more suitable home can be provided for these Indians.

I am convinced from recent reports that the country in the vicinity of Owens River is well adapted for an Indian Reservation. Should it be reserved by the Government for Indian purposes, as I am informed it is contemplated, its location indicates it to be a suitable place for the Fresno, Kings River & Tule River Indians. There they would be removed from influences that are now rapidly destroying them and the inhabitants of the coutry they now live in would be relieved from a source of great complaint by their removal there. In this [illegible] I would suggest the abandoment of the Fresno, Kings River, Tule River and the Tejon Indian Reservaitons, leaving only Sub Agent to visit those few bands of Indians remaining in the valleys; administering to their immediate wants & to offer inducements to them to seek [new asylum?] at Owens River Reservation. Should this policy be pursued, I am confident it would be but a short time before these valleys would entirely free from their presence.

The number of Indians residing in the vicinity of San Diego is very considerable. I am informed that they are well disposed & support

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