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substantiate the charge. Efforts are being constantly made to quiet the existing feeling against these miserable people & to gather them upon the Reservation where they shall be protected; but with little success. If some means are not speedily divised by which the unauthorized expeditions that are constantly out in search of these can be restrained they will soon be exterminated.

I beg respectfully to call your attention to the mecessity of having the Indian Reservations in this State Officially Surveyed. Great trouble has been experienced heretofore by the agents in holding exclusive posession of the lands designated by the Government for Indian purposes, for the want of definitely fixed boundaries.

I request that the limited time alloted me for the accomplishment of this duty precluded the possibility of my visiting those portion of this Superintendency North of Mendocino & South of the Tejon. Recent reports from D.C. [illegible] Esq. Agent at the Klamath [illegible] on houses that his Reservation is in a prosperous condition. As it is my intention to visit this reservation immediately I shall make it subject of a Special Report.

Great effort has been made to ascertain the amount of indebtedness of the reservations as [required?] in my instructions, but as yet the returns

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