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[left hand side] and beg at the same time you will excuse if I intrude on you - [I will now draw your attention to me. ?] It is just one year ago since I applied to you asking you to intrust yourself to have my husband get his position from the S P R R Co he lost in consequence of my illness and was two years out of employment which left is in very straitened circumstances In your great kindness you gave me the letter for my husband to present to Mr [A W Town?] Your letter was honored at once and my husband was placed at once in position and is there from that day to this and hope to remain there long as he wants to works - he has worked for the company [/left hand side]

[right hand side] over twenty years at Sacramento and was placed there by the [insert: late] Governor Stanford your I will say blessed husband May his Soul be in the Kingdom of Heaven and also the Soul of your darling boy - And now dear Madame not one day of my life has passed since I saw you but I have offered my humble prayers to the Great God and His Holy Mother for to grant you what you stand in need of and to protect and guide and guard you and will continue my prayers for you. I never forget you on Sundays at what we Catholics call the holy sacrifice of the Mass - [/right hand side]