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Office Supt. Ind Affs
San Francisco Cal
Nov 19. 1859

Hon A. B. Greenwood
Commissioner of Indian Affairs

On the 9 inst I returned from
a visit to the Fresno & Kings river
indian farms, and have the honor to
report that from a careful examination
into their condition while there, together
with the prospect of their future usefulness
under existing circumstances, I was induced
to abandon them at once on the part of
the Government.

The Advantages gained heretofore
by the cultivation of these farms
has not been at all commensurate with
the expenses incurred; the amount of money
paid for their rent alone has been almost
sufficent to [illegible] the entire value
of the crops raised upon them. Great neglect
hs been shown by the Sub Agent
in charge in guarding public property
from decay; most of the agricultural
implements on hand are useless, from the
[illegible] of proper care, the replacing of
which would incur [illegible] expenses the
necessities of the department will not [illegible].

M.B. Lewis Esq. Sub Agent in
charge of these places has been [instructed?]
by me to collect all the public property
upon these farms together; to secure the same
from loss or futher injury until
instructions are received from me to