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Emily Guice at Nov 06, 2019 05:17 AM


(or worse, development on those who control its distribution) is not a permanently
satisfactory state of affairs.
The community, however, must exert pressure on practicioners and
researchers to not be content with partial answers. The government
must be forced to fund private community based programs at a level
equal with the way it funds well-established state and
university operated programs.

With regard to drug treatment centers, I would give greater
attention to placing them in black communities, easily accessible
to those neighborhoods with high concentrations of addicts and
marginal youths.

Since drug abuse is a sympton of serious underlying problems,
treatment programs must address the factors often recognized as
related to drug abuse: unemployment, lack of education and
training, and inadequate recreational facilities.

Related to this, is the need to coordinate treatment programs with
other programs designed to combat related social programs.

I must also stress the importance of involving community