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" A MARVEL of clear statement, compact and yet excellent
arrangement of the Etymology and Syntax of the German
language. It is all that can be desired. It is certainly worthy
of universal adoption."- M.J. Griffin, Teacher of German, Syracuse
High School, N.Y.

A Practical German Grammar.
By Wesley C. Sawyer, PH.D
Professor in the Wisconsin State Norman School, Oshkosh; Member of the
American Philological Association, etc.
12mo, cloth, 177 pp. Retail price, $1.00

Published by S. C. Griggs & CO., Chicago.

'' It seems to me exceedingly well adapted to its purpose.''-
Wm. F. Warren, S. T. D., LL.D., President of Boston University.

''For a short course, it is much the best grammar that I am
acquainted with.''- F. P. Jordan, Teacher of German, Battle Creek H. S.

''The plan of this grammar is happily conceived and success

fully executed. I am particularly pleased with the order adopted in
the work.''- R. H. Garnett, Prof. of German, Georgetown College, Ky.

"The simple directness and clearness of the work make me
anxious to command the time to investigate it very fully. So far, I must
confess to a very favorable estimate of it." - John S. Irwis, LL.D. Sup't of
Public Schools, Fort Wayne, Ind.

''I have examined it with considerable care and like it very
much, and had we not introduced another text-book one year since I
should certainly have sent you an order for its introduction into our
schools.'' - H. E. Robbins, Sup't of Schools, Lyons, Iowa.

''A very attractive little book. Your idea seems to me a
good one, and it is certainly very happily expressed. The fonetic part,
the pronunciation is especially clear and simple.''- F. A. March, LL.D. Prof.
of English Language and Comparative Philology, Lafayette College, Penn.

''He has not only introduced many new features, which will at
once commend themselves to practical teachers, but he has greatly con

densed the grammars in common use, and relieved the student from
burdening his memory with an unnecessary amount of grammatical lumber.
We heartily commend it.''- Zion's Herald, Boston.