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18 Jan 1908


18th Jan. 1905
A Faculty Meeting was held in the reception room at 3 p.m.
Present Provost James, Professors Burgess, Tamblyn & Wallen
The Minutes of the previous meeting were read & confirmed
The Provost stated that the Senate had referred an appeal
from F. Powell against the recision of the Professor of
English, whomee he had failed to satisfy in a supplemental
Exam. in 3rd year English, to the Faculty.

The letter of Mr. Powelll & the paper of questions &
answers were read & carefully considered. Especial
attention was given to that part of the paper, which
Mr. Powell was alleged to have claimed to have been unfair

The paper contained some gross errors betraying a very
inadequate knowledge of English. It was found that
deviating from the total marks those allotted to
the alleged unfair question, [?] even so the
percentage obtained was only 29.302.....

It was therefore moved by Professor Wallen
Seconded by " Burgess
That we report to the Senate that we find no reason
to interfere with the decision of Professor Tamblyn in
regard to Powell's failure in the supplemental examinate
in 3rd year English.
It was moved & carried that we adjourn till