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32 Jan 1906.
A meeting was held this date in the reception room. Present Dr James,
Prof. Burgess, Dr Tambly, Rev C.C. Wallen.

The minutes read & confirmed.

D[isc]ussion of Powell's case.
As [?] was not [?] being sent away by the authorities of
the Diocese to ta[?]e work at Markdale he missed half
work of the English of the current lectures.
Moved by Prof. Burgess
Seconded by Dr. Tamblyn
That Mr Powell be examined in the 18th & 19th century
literature the exam to be held in last week in
March or at the terminal exams, as he elects
The case of the work required by Mr Hicks to enable him
to get his B.A. degree was discussed.
It appeared that he wd. require 2,3,4 year Latin
Gk 1 & 2, 3rd & 4th English Hist 1st year
Med[?] 2nd year. He [?] also require another
language throughout.

In reference to an application from a clergyman in Montreal
Moved by Rev C.C. Wallen
Seconded by Prof. Burgess
That the Faculty cannot consider an application for starting
which is not accompanied by properly attested certificates
giving detailed information of subjects or positions of subjectsds