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friend Oliver Johnston - Editor of the N.A.S. Standard New York
giving him some account of the illness & death of my dear Rachel
& while assuring him that my letter was not designed for publication
I suggested that a simple notice of her [death?] might meet the
eyes of some of our distant who would not other wise be informed
but would be glad to mingle their sympathies with us in our
bereavement - this was the [?] pf [C.'s?] letter -

I cannot but hope that this [dispersation?] will be blessed to
some if not all of us by inciting us to more circumspection in life
as the hope of thereby attaining a closer reunion in a better state of
existence. The dear boys are exceedingly considerate & kind to [me?].
I shall give up the business entirely to George who I think
will manage more economically & profitably than I have
ever been able to do - I do not expect to devote myself
to idleness & inactivity but shall always find enough to
occupy my time & strength without having the [bother?]
& care of the business. I hope thou will not fail of
coming to see those who may be left at the prior old place
though I may not be here to greet thou I know the boys will
be very glad to see thou at any time & the kind notice of
one they so much esteem & love wil not only be a cordial
to them in their loneliness but an encouragement to [?]
in [well?] doing. I shall put [C.R.B.'s?] letter on a separate that
that thou mayest be able to read it to thy family without being
obliged to expose this poor letter. The children all unite
with me in love to thee & thine. I am my dear cousin

Thy affectionate cousin Rob. T. Robinson