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been entirely lost and stranded in a
big, strange, foreign city were it not or
the Y.M.C.A, British soldiers & sailors and
American Y.M.C.A etc. They look after
us as long as we wish them to, and
during my stay in Paris I never got
better meals than I did at these institutions,
and they were cheaper.

Paris like London believes in keeping
is theatres going if only for the soldiers
on leave, and to keep the people from
getting morose and pessimistic. I saw
the finest revues I ever saw (art
again) and in fact the finest in the
world. I did not take in drama for
I do not understand the language.

It is surprising how many people (civilians)
one meets in Paris who speak English.
Some are English who live in Paris and
have been for years, others who are there
for war purposes Y.M.C.A work or