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out who was who. He was a Belgian
who lived for four years in Chatham, Ont.
and who was called to Belgium to join
his regiment as soon as war broke out. His
right arm was shattered by an explosive
bullet. he has been discharged but put
it up to the Belgian government to see
that he got transportation to Canada, and
to Chatham, Ontario.

I received your letters of Febr 3,10,&17th
and Allans of Feb 10th, also a couple
from Jessie. There was a large pile
of letters awaiting me on my return to my
unit. I got the parcel of tobacco O.K with
the Jelly, enclosed - a real treat. Thanks
very much. The parcel, alongw ith Allans
letter came to me ina dugout not very
far from Fritz.

How did Sam Tunning come out of
the pneumonia attack? Mabel had him dead,
you contradicted it. I had to laugh at Bertha
putting it over mother in the Red Cross concert.
You people sure turned out the goodest. How are
Father and mother? I was glad to hear you had a thaw.
It's warm enough on the Western Front, thanks to Fritzy. Love always