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Dennis K at Aug 24, 2021 06:19 PM


of the said Arent Stevens to this board, which
we also present to your Honr::

As to the second Charge of Selling arms and Amu=
=nition, we are well assured by our Long Experience
in the French and Indian trade, that our traders
carry neight arms nor Amunition to trade with
the French or Indians at Oswego -

nor do the people of Albany trade with the
french in arms or amunition - but on the
Contrary there is French Guns and Powder
brought frequently from Oswego and Canada to
Albany, which arms are more Esteemed and the
powder better and cheaper than ours in General

all which we think necessary to acquaint your
Honr. in order to clear our conduct - and the
false aspersions laid on the traders -

And we pray your Honr. to incert this in your speech
to the Indians, and that they may inform your Honr.
in publick, who the persons are, that have sold arms
or amunition to the french or Indians - which
they say, they make use of against the English
now at Ohio -

Resolved that the Mayor and Recorder
present this adress to the Govr. -