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Th 14 / Rich & Web & Plim Lou / Wilcher
The two Wagons are halling brick it is verry warm weather
has been exceedingly so for a Week. Lou is mooving to old
Harrets house She has not caught the hang of cooking in the
new Stove I have not been in Town since Monday & know of
but little that is of news. Edmond Wilcher died a few days ago
I refused acting a trustee in a deed of Trust he had lately
made appointing me Trustee

1865 Septr Fri 15 / Work Rich Plim West Webb / Sweet / Pruet Stealing / Thos
The boys Richd, Webb, Plim, & West, are still halling brick
Webb & Plim is driving the oxen team with my Bill Mule in the
lead, & Richd & West are driving black Mule & Duck Mule in the
2 horse Waggon. They hall 4 loads with the Mules & 3 with the
oxen per day, & hall from 3 to 400 brick a load That is
about 2000 brick or more per day Sweet is thought some better
her feet is hurting her verry much, verry much blistered &
broke out She has some fever Pruett was bailed out of Jail
& bound over to Circuit Court for stealing Gale Browns Mare
he has been since taken back & put in Jail Securoties not good
he is lying sick at Marenes. Chills & fever. Thomas came and
at dinner & at night a Glorious or inglorious Fox hunt was the
order of the night

Sat 16 / President
William and Thomas went to Town William came home in the
evening & I went to Town I saw Maryann there Nothing verry
new President Johnsons speach to the Southern Delegation is