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over She was brought home on Tuesday the 5 Sept and on the

7 she was broke out all over the face & body & feet The

blister seemed to be a Whey colour On Wed the 13 the blisters

on her face & body appeared to heal up & the scales came off

but her feet has continued verry sore & swelled & verry sore

yet She has not had much fever for several days of any consiquence

Puss & her ) Puss & her little child is both taken sick on yesterday Verry
child small )
pox ) sore throat & some fever I fear it is the small pox or the

same disease that Sweet has She is broke out in the face in

bumps blisters &c

Wed 20 ) William, Thomas, & Fanna went to Nashville in the 2 oclock
William )
Thos & ) train this evening Fanna took her youngest child with her
Fanna )
Nashville ) The boys are picking out Cotton Monk & Aleck, Ricd, Webb,

West, Plim, (Richard was sick) lost half the day

Th 21 Preston is at work in picking out Cotton to day It is

Puss & ) turning much warmer. Puss dont appear much bad off, tho some
Sweet sick )
Aleck ) broke out her little child is probably worse off than the
Felix )
Mother. Sweet is still mending (Felix is unwell) & Aleck

worked only one half the day (to dinner) & went to Town Says

he is unwell Nothing matter with Aleck

Fri 22 Aleck stayed in Town last night & I hear he is sick Felix

is complaining this morning Rich is better complains of his

loin (a pain) he is still going about doing arrends.

Puss & child Puss is some better Sweet I think is on the mend Puss little