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child is not so well Aleck worked half the day

1865 We took Caleb, Press, Rich, Plim & Aleck went & put up
Sept )
Sat 23 ) the fence all round fathers old field to put our hogs in.

Richd ) Worked one half the day, until dinner Did not git done
Plim &c )
All quit & I went to Town
Locust Hill)
field ) I stayed at home all day No particular news I think
Sun 24
Puss? family are all better Sweet has been clear of fever
since Friday The youngest is worst off. ) William & Mag
went to Town &c Mon 25
Mon 25 I stayed at home got the old sow & 2 shoats in the pen

they are verry wild We are trying to pick out our Cotton

Locust Hill gets along verry slow finished righting up the locust Hill

fence &c

Tu 26 William & me went to find some of our hogs followed to

Rankins quarter near Esters & there found and got one of them

Boy Anderson) out of the blacks hog pen the boy Anderson acknowledged he
stole hog )
put it there give it up he had marked & altered it We

heard of the other at Jim Hannas his boy had it but we could

not find it only got one and brought it home We fixed the old

locust Hill field & we have now got three hogs in there all

3 hogs newly altered. We got our information the whereabouts of the

rode 2 boars from Mr Tyler in the morning I rode Bill Mule the

Bennet whole rounds all day which tyred me verry much (Ezekiel Bennet

came at night & stayed all night.