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Greg S. at May 16, 2020 06:17 AM


the mainstream - a reassertion of the plain truth that ordinary
men and women have common sense and ability to control
their lives, given the knowledge and the means.

The instruments involved in building such a movement are
more than electoral races, as important as they can be. The
lesson we ought to have learned from the sixties is this -
mass movement must have an organizational base; without
organizations that are stable, continuous, and mass based,
the movements that do emerge eventually flounder and decay;
the sixties - in retrospect - were merely a series of mass
mobilizations, winning impressive victories and inspiring
great expectations, but ultimately unable to sustain a living
democracy at the base of the society.

We must develop a political program broad enough to
attract a large section of the population, real enough to
have some expectation of implementation, and human enough to
solve the problems which we have in abundance but which most
Americans have in some measure.

As a beginning, let us agree on what we want:
-to guarantee all Americans an equal opportunity to
participate in the organization of this society, and
in the shaping of public and private decisions which
affect their lives