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the months and we'll probably have to talk about more in the future. I see it so basically
a problem in my personality in fact the same intellectual aggressiveness is what makes
people angry and offended when they first meet me. It goes quite deep and is both an
asset and a liability. Also I think there is something operating from your side which
also adds to the problem your mother's strength of character and mind has made you
somewhat accustomed to ideological submission. But ideological submission to
intellectual aggression is not the kind of equality on which I visualize a life partnership
being build. I have tried to see the other side of this picture but I really have
trouble maybe because of my own guilt feeling. I suppose the basic reconciliation
lies in our love for each other and in the other things we have in common (values etc)
But it seems like we also have to approach the problem directly. Maybe we should
exchange ideas on some of my important subjects religion is a good place to start
if we do this by mail not it will go kind of slowly but we will each have our say
and I will have to hear you out without interruptions. I'll try to begin tomorrows (no time left this morning) and especially mention my reactions to being over here and what it does
to my attitudes and emotions on reglion. I hope this makes as little sense to you sweetheart and
that you feel like trying such an arrangement. If it sounds silly to too difficult or
complacent just say so. Anyways will probably create enough confusion that will
have to spend the rest of our lives together trying to understand and explain ou ideas
to each other (Just another excuse to marry you besides the fact that I love you very much!).

Bay as I sit back and read the above page or so I realize its all sort of vague and
grandiose But I would rather write what comes out sort of like "stream of
consciousness" and leave it to you to realize that its the mood of the moment and sort
of average out each days mood toget the baisc me and the main theme: I love you!
I'd rather say too much than say too little write disorganzied isnted of planning
and censoring and thus cutting some of me out of it. Consquently these letters probably
work look like much when we reread them 5 years from now but right now they
say more of what I feel and thus keep me closer to you and draw us closer in
spirit. I'd better shut up now and give you a chance.

Oh as bus driver yesterday I took a load of former Branner girls to
an orphanage in Waiblingen (suburb of Stuttgart) to distribute gifts of cloth and
toys which it's years Branner girls assembled about Christmas time. The little
kids (from about 3-7) were as cute as they could be and very happy with the little
yous the got. It was a lot of fun to help make them happier and I always enjoy
being with such kids especially at about that age! We'll have to keep a
stream of 3-7 year olds running around our house!

Once again I love you honey with all my heart and Don't forget it!
Goodnight and sweet dreams darling. A kiss and a squeeze and
All my love,
Your George