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Happy Anniversary My Dearest Darling

I love you sweetheart and don't you forget it! I'm kind of groggy and
tired and therefore not very expressive or poetic for reasons which you will soon
know. But I love you very much and wish I could be asleep in your arms right

Well MAC's and my joint celebration didn't take place but it wasn't her fault.
I took 7 kids to a party in Endusbach and was to leave them off and come back for
them about 9:30. Then at 10 I was going to meet Mary Ann and we were to have a little
Kuchen party with a cake given to me by Frau Keauter. But when I got the kids to
Endusbach I got talked into staying for the party (party because I doubted my ability
to find the place again to pick them up). it was a small group about 16 in all- the part was given by Frauless Juefels (our other German instructor) landlady. A really interesting bunch of people we talked ate delicious kuchen and drank a little beer or wine.
Then about 9:30 when I Was about to suggest a graceful exit the hostess began a long
party game. Finally about 10:15 I spoke to her and said the bus had to be back on the Burg
soon and she looked almost ready to cry because we had to leave so early. We finally
got out the door about 10:45 and piled into the bus. Then all out again to punch it out
of the mud at the side of the road. All back in again and try to start it. OUT OF GAS!!!
A long interlude of silent cussing and working I was ho in bed or better by far
with my head on your shoulder and your loving soothing arms around me.. A couple
of the fellows at the party (to which we were now gladly welcomed back) now drove into
town to fin da gas station but where closed. So we then push the bus to the side of the road and call the Burg for a couple of cars to come get us. Then one of the fellows
and I went out to the main intersection to meet theman lead them to the house.
1/2 hour wait then only one car coming! So back we go with the car (2 people in it already)
to the party and this must be extended for the new arrivals more entertainment and
food follows. Finally about 12:15 we again depart all a little wearier (and me who
was tried before starting out to take them almost asleep on my feet) Cram 10 people into
a single Volkswagen (I know how those 35 in the phone booth felt) and ride back to the Burg
all out for a deep dreath and AT least I could collapse into bed at 12:45. And
up again at 8 for breakfast and a ride to Enders back to being bus back.

I had a delightful visit with the Krautes yesterday. I took my pictures from Italy
down with MAC's viewer and had a nice afternoon with them and as I left
I got a whole cake to take with me she always gives me food to take! This was
to be for our celebration last night but Bridge and MAC had to eat it (or rather
1/2 of it) without me!

Well m love I have time for an hours nap before another bus drive to get the
mail. With all my driving I've gotten exactly nothing done in the last 2 days!
Oh well its only homework. Goodnight and I'll be dreaming only of you and of
our love! I love you I love you I love you! and I always will!

XXXXX!! x 1000000!

Always forever
Your George