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and was not prevented four years later,
from becoming a private soldier.
company of militia to which I belonged, was known
as the Cincinnati [??Trouare??] Guard, and became
company "N" of the Second Ohio. One of the
first regiments to respond to the first call
for 75,000 and one of the first two regiments
to leave the state, hurried East, they were
encamped at Lancaster Pa. when the 6th
Mass were fired upon in Baltimore, and the
first to follow after them.

The capital was over flowing with an
unorganized mass of uniformed men.
There were "guns to the right of us. Guns
to the left of us". Camps in the senate
bivouac in the house. Crowded into a
vacant hotel batters bread our only rations
we realized that the pic nic was [illegible].

A {illegible] by the President formed our
first impression of an army, which
without organization was sent accross the
long bridge and camped on historic ground

Thoroughly in earnest in the task of
crushing out the rebellion in its incipiancy
and equally sure that it would be accomplished
it within [??ninety??] days. we marched to Centerville

Those of you who have felt a bullet and
in the quick evolution of thought, during its