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Helper21 at Nov 09, 2021 11:12 AM




Darling Barbara,

Your letter arrived this afternoon & I was so glad to have it. The neglected feeling was beginning to come on again. After we have seen each other, it always seems to take a week or so to get into our letter writing stride again.

You see that I am now reduced to foolscap. I find it difficult on this stuff to know whether I have written a long, short, or medium letter. Perhaps it is that on the usual stuff my letters are not as long as I think they are.

I will write C.P. & ask him to write this Ordnance recommendation letter, if he thinks the other thing is at all hopeless. I will also write this Colonel Sampson man in Chester. But I'm beginning to feel more & more that I'm stuck in the Cheshire Regt. Transfer, except into some [death?] or glory racket which calls for volunteers seems to be pretty hard to get - & seems to depend so much on string pulling & friends at court or somewhere. And it's so bloody difficult to find someone who really will put himself out for you. In other words, if C.P. would get down to it properly, he could probably find one thing or the other, but he's all words & no action or results.

30/- a week seems a bit high for a caravan, being as much as rent & rates for a house - but I suppose it is cheaper than usual in peace time. I will go & have a look as soon as possible. A nice caravan, a nice farmhouse, a nice pub - how would you place them in order of merit?