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JOURNAL of Light-house Station at Yaquina Head, Oregon



16: Moderate breeze East and light S. East wind these 24 hours with frequent rain showers - Sea smooth - Barometer 29.42 to 29.33 - General duties for the day - 2nd ass't working in shop - Keeper cleaning walks.

17: Light S. to S. West wind first part of 24 hours - Last part of 24 hours moderate to fresh breeze West with frequent rain showers during 24 hours - Sea moderately smooth - Barometer 29.33 to 29.42 today - 1st ass't soding grounds around tower - Keeper and 1st putting plate glass pane in lantern that was broken by duck - 2nd ass't working in his quarters.

18: Moderate and fresh breeze West these 24 hours with frequent rain and hail squalls - Sea rough - Barometer 29.48 - Keeper went to Newport after supplies.

19: Fresh breeze West to light N. West wind these 24 hours - First part of 24 hours frequent rain hail and snow squalls - Sea quite smooth - General duties for the day - Barometer 29.40 - 2nd ass't went hunting - Keeper and 2nd ass't sawing wood.

20: Light wind to moderate and fresh breeze East with frequent snow squalls - Sea smooth - General duties for the day - Barometer