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Red Bluff Nov 11th 1861


I have the honor to enclose to you in separate packages
my account current, and abstracts of disbursements of moneys with
all the vouchers and sub vouchers thereunto appertaining, as also a
seperate account current with the vouchers for the amount which
was remitted and which I was ordered to apply to the liquidation of
old claims allowed by the department, If after an examination of
the latter account you find it correct, I hope you will be pleased
to give me a discharge therefrom in full

I most respectfully ask your forbearance for not
having sooner, and not being able still to forward my entire settlement
with the department, I have been laboring under much embarassment,
In the first place the department neglected to furnish me with any
money, except $500 at Washington on the day after I filed my
bond, and another five $500 remitted in September to pay my
traveling expenses, until the 25th of March, at which time I received
a warrant for $12000 without however a word of instruction
under what head to disburse it, under the circumstances I presumed
it could be nothing wrong to pay it out for any legitimate demands
against the Indian department in my District, I accordingly done so,
and paid a small amount of debts, which I had been compelled to
contract, in order to keep up the Reservations, and I also purchased
a few goods to be distributed among the Indians as presents, which
I had long promised them, The employees were also in a very destitude
condition, indeed dissatisfaction among them, and the Indians prevailed