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February 1898

Tues. 1st
Very cold and windy

Snow drifting badly all day. Farmerie
convention postponed on alloumt of the [ineligible]
brims cold. Bro C. went to Sandy Spring
to pay some ineur auer, and to Cousin
Joe Stalhis to dinner, where he had a
very good time. brought little from sister
Annie and Mary. They are having a flear-
aut tuinr. I have been working over the
flowers and helping keep up the jirns-
the piper a hitlr frog an fut soon thawed
out. we rim the price wn to full blart li
midnight. I brought some flowers into
the sitting room and burned a lamp
and stand in the comeratitry. nothing
f_ry [ineligible] though the thermomelin is down to
go here and grow in some place.


Very cold, windy and blustering. Mother
aud jarenth Mrs. Brown to get my
watch hand fitid. She left ___ and I
wart meet her at the P. C. but in my
hact I wrent to the wrong "Afficen," one of
the 13!! We called just a minute at
Cousin Fannirs, then walked up to the depot.
a fither hine, saw hamm at hornell.
Letty carey ... called. we talked of
brooke and many things. Mother and
Cousin dellie went unt. After dinner we eur-
ed the about 4. When we started out in the
wind. had a funny time.
-. I fright my thirst wavet, to the
China ____, and to Mr. Dave Howellis