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1915 May
[continued from previous page] Mr Orump also there.
Walked home & went to
[indecipherable]. so tired I could
scarcely breathe Steam on

Thurs. 20
Flopped around between
both offices. Dinner at
Hearth with Miss Phelps &
Miss Galvin & walked home
so tired. Getting much

Fri. 21
Warmer. Worked in Unity
Bldg. singing at 1.30
Dinner with Misses Phelps,
G & H at Hearth. Walked down
Slate St. with Miss Galvin after
& came home too tired to

Sat. 22
Worked in Unity office
Afternoon tea with Miss
Galvin also dinner,
at place next door & then
went to Doray pictures
in Studebaker