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London Aprill 20th 93


There are Letters in the secretaryes Office
directed from the Lord Paget which give alarge
account of the posture of the turkish affairs
Of his Lordships audience of theGrand Vissier
at Adrianople and what disposition there is
towards apeace. he finds the french Ambassadors
hath soe far prevailed with the Mufti and
principall Offices of the Court, that he beleives
the turks are inclinable to adventure
another Campaigne, though at the same time
the Vissier hath appointed aday to de
liberate with the Dutch Ambassador on the
Artistes his Lordship brought with him from
the Emperour and in the Close sayes that the
people are generally inclinable to apeace.

Sometime agoe a ffrench. Privateer
of not aboue 15 Tuns being an open
boate without any greate guns came up
the River with English Colours & passed all
our fleet 'tis supposed to haue seized 40000l
that was iust goeing to pay the shiping but
aVessell happily tooke her & for the Queens
veiw is brought up on this side the Bridge
and now rides before Whitehall.

An exraordinary Cabinet Coun
-cell was yesterday held at the Lord Notting
-hams office upon the affaires of the Descent
by vertue of an express come from his
Maiestie where the Commissioners of the
Victualling office & transport ships

Number of 2600 since which 80 of them have been seized & sent prisoners to Mont-
pelier & more are taken up dayly some of them of Considerable ranke & some
troops are lodged upon them at Discression which causes agreate many people
to fly the Countrey & tis beleived soe soone as the expresse which the Intendant of that
Province sent to Court is returned there will be bloody doeings.