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be controlled, they will have to lead their own life
& not be allowed to run anything.

The whole German attitude of mind must be changed.
I think that, as a people & a nation, they feel themselves
important & to have a destiny. And they have some
right to such feelings, as they have a large country & there
are 60-80 million of them, & they are able people. But
they are terribly anxious - over anxious - to be liked &
nobody does like them. And so the only alternative
is for them to be feared & respected because of
their strength. And after they have been thoroughly
defeated, probably ravaged to a certain extent, &
after what will certainly be pretty tough peace
terms, they are going to be pretty low & will
immediately begin thinking again of how to rise
again. And this is going to be the time when our
important work will have to begin. They must
learn that force & going to war are not the
proper or the best means of settling arguments &
differences - that such methods just should not exist
& that war is not a glorious, brave affair. All
those ideas will have to come out of their thinking
& teaching, & we shall have to see that they do.

Germany will have to be completely disarmed -
no cadre or anything left to her - & so will France
& Italy & every other possible country. And so, the
U.S.A. & Russia & China & Japan too - will have
to agree on rapid, & drastic disarmament. This will
take time, but it must be done & then the
League of Nations in an extended form will