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Edward Nicholson] Joseph Nicholson was the son of Rebecca
Lloyd. Edward V's sister, and her husband, Joseph Hopper Nicholson (1770-1817),
a Democratic-Republican congressman from Baltimore from 1799 through
1806 and thereafter a prominent Maryland jurist. The younger Nicholson was the
nephew of Edward Lloyd V, not the son-in-law, as Douglass identifies him.
Preston, Young Frederick Douglass, 70, 222n4; Hardy, Colonial Families, 500-511;
DAB, 13:505-06; BDAC, 1588.

Mr. Lownes] Born in Kent County, Maryland, Charles Lowndes
(1798-1885) entered the navy as a midshipman in 1815. He married Sally Scott
Lloyd in the mid- 1820s and by 1840 was a prosperous Talbot County farmer with
thirty-five slaves. By the start of the Civil War, he had risen to the rank of captain in
the U.S. Navy. Suspected of Confederate sympathies, he was placed on the retired
list in 1862 and later promoted to commodore and placed on a war prize commission.
1840 U.S. Census, Maryland, Talbot County, 70; Preston, Young Frederick
Douglass, 47, 222; Rossiter Johnson, ed., The Twentieth Century Biographical
Dictionary of Notable Americans, 10 vols. (Boston, 1904), 7: s.v.; Christopher
Johnston. "Lowndes Family," MdHM, 2: 279 (September 1907); ACAB, 4: 44.

Andrew] Andrew Skinner Anthony (1797-1833) was the eldest
son of Aaron and Ann Catherine Skinner Anthony and the nephew of Edward
Lloyd V. His father apprenticed him as a young man to James Neall, a cabinetmaker,
in Easton, Maryland. After completing his apprenticeship, Anthony migrated
to Indiana, where he married Ann Wingate of Martin County in 1823. He
and his bride returned to Talbot County shortly thereafter. In 1826 Andrew's father
died, and he inherited a third of his estate, including eight slaves. Although he
increased his estate and owned twenty slaves, in his final years Andrew suffered from
alcoholism and operated a whiskey shop. John Manross to Douglass, 14 January 1856.
General Correspondence File, reel 1, frames 654-56. FD Papers, DLC; Harriet L. Anthony,
annotated copy of Bondage and Freedom, folder 93, 176, Dodge Collection.
MdAA; 1830 U.S. Census, Maryland, Talbot County, 51;
Preston, Young Frederick Douglass, 26, 29, 218n17, 224n10.

Richard] Richard Lee Anthony (1800-28), the second of three
children born to Aaron and Ann Catherine Skinner Anthony, was trained as a
blacksmith for five years before inheriting land, money, and slaves after his
father's death in November 1826. Douglass incorrectly asserts that Richard died before
his father. Harriet L. Anthony, annotated copy of Bondage and Freedom,
folder 93, 173-74, Dodge Collection, MdAA; Aaron Anthony Slave Distribution.
22 October 1827, Talbot County Distributions, V.JP#D, 58-59, MdTCH; Preston,
Young Frederick Douglass, 27-29, 52, 91, 218n17.

Lucretia] Lucretia Planner Anthony Auld (1804-27) was the third
child and only daughter of Aaron and Ann Catherine Skinner Anthony. In 1823 she
married Thomas Auld, a boarder in her father's household and an employee of
Edward Lloyd. Lucretia subsequently moved to Hillsborough. Maryland. where she