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James R

Instructions & Orders to be duly observed by every
one of our Governours, Captains, Commanders, Storekeepers
or Gunners of, or in any of our Garrisons, Castles or Forts in
our ancient Kingdome of Scotland, for the prevention of any
superfluopus & unnecessary wast or Expence of Powdwer, Shott,
Match, Armes or other Ammunition & Gunners Stores what-

1. It is our Will & Pleasure that no Commander, Captain or Officer whatsoever
of, or in any of our Castles, Forts or Garrisons shall cause or suffer to be caused or
made any Expence or waste of Powder or Shott in or from such Castles, Forts &
Garrisons, otherwise than in fight with an Enemy, or for staying any Ship or Vessell
by sufficient Warrant, or for defence of any of our Ships or Vessells, or any Ships
or Vessells, or any Ships or Vessells of our Subjects, friends or Allies coming within
our Protection.

2. That no Commander, Captain or