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whatsoever contrary to the foregoing Rules. And in case any Armes or any dureable
Provisions shall be found wanting, impaired or ill kept, That they cause the foresaid
Persons, or such as haue the keeping of them, to make them good, or else to be lyable
themselves to make satisfaction for the same; unlesse it shall appear (upon good
proofe) that they were impaired by time without their default.

7 That no Commander, Captain or Officer deliver or issue, or cause to be delivered or issued,
out of any of our said Castles, Forts or Garrisons, to the disfurnishing thereof, any
Powder or other serviceable Stores or Provisions of War upon any pretended Service
whatsoever without an expresse Warrant from Us, our High Commissioner, The Lords
of our Privy Councell, or the Lord High Admirall and the Master of our Ordnance
his signification grounded upon the said Warrant. And if at any time any Com-
mander, Captain or Officer whatsoever shall receive a Supply from any other than
from the Master of our Ordnance, that he give his Receipt to the Person or Persons
from whom he or they shall receive the same; And forthwith to advise the Master
of our Ordnance or the Officers of the same, of the quantity & quality of the Stores
so received, together with the Places & Persons from whom; and to cause the same to
be entered in the Gunners Journall or day-Book, and charged upon Accompt.

8. That no Commander, Captain or Officer shall receive any Supply for his Castle, Fort or
Garrison untill he shall have accompted to the Master of our Ordnance, of the
Expence of his Stores formerly delivered unto [him by] [rest of line obscured by fold]
received, or untill the Remaines thereof shall be taken by Order of the Master of
our Ordnance; that so the same, together with the Supply may be duly charged upon
him againe. And in case of the death or removall of any Governour, Captain, Com-
mander &c: in or from any of our said Garrisons, Castles or Forts, Wee strictly
Charge that timely notice thereof be given to the Master of our Ordnance, To the end
an Accompt & Remaines may be speedily ordered to be taken of all our Ordnance,
Powder, Armes and other Ammunition whatsoever within any of our said Garrisons,
Castles or Forts at the time of the death or removall of any Governour, Captain or Com-
mander as aforesaid; and that the same may be immediatly charged by Indenture
upon the succeeding Governour, Captain or Commander upon his or their Entrance into their
respective Employments, and an Accompt of the former Expence may be duly stated.