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Sunday July 14th : 1822
First part fresh winds from N N E middle
and latter part light winds and A large
smell at North steared W S West in company
with the hellen saw nothing this day
flones hearing N N E 15 leagues spoke the foster
chais nantucket 80 Blls of sperm oil
Lat by ohs 38 – 47 - -

Monday July 15th : 1822
First part Light airs and calm at North
with A large smell middle part Light winds
at S West stear for flones at 9 A M run in
with the Land find it to rugged to Land
employed in hitting A new main top sail
and hert it saw severed sail so ends

Tuesday July 16th – 1822
All these 24 hours fresh winds and rugged
from S W to N West so end this day

Wednesday July 17th “ 1822
All these 24 hours Light winds and calm
from N E to South Beating in for the Land
in company with the hellen 6 sail in sight
flones heaving N N East 5 League Distance

Thursday July 18th : 1822
First part of these 24 hours Light winds and calm from
the Southward middle part Light winds at N West stear
in for the Land at 6 A Land with one boat vegetables
had the weather then thick and squaly the Hellen in
Company at ½ past 12 PM came off with A boat
head and Landed at the other harbor find trade
very dud at 6 PM gd of and made sail to the
S by East so ends this good day