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Thursday 17th January 1850 Commenced with fres[H] Trades and pleasant weather ship under all sail steering SSW per Compass middle wind and weather the same Latter part had light wind Onbend [UNBEND?] the for[E] Top gallant sail and bend [BENT] another starbor [STARBOARD] watch employed fitting Lifts to the main Top gallant yard so Ends the day Lat [LATITUDE] by Obs [OBSERVATION] 14..10 Long [LONGITUDE] 20..45

Friday January 18th Began with light airs from East and fine weather carry Topmast and Top gallant studding sails steering SSW bend [BENT] a fore Topmast Staysail Latter part had wind and weather nearly the same employed riping [RIPPING] an old Sail and at some other small jobs as necesity [NECESSARILY] required So gows [GOES] Lat [LATITUDE] by Obs [OBSERVATION] 15..50 Long [LONGITUDE]

Saturday 19th Began with pleasant weather and Light wind from SE onbend [UNBENT?] the Fore Top sail and bend [BENT] another Latter part had fresh wind saw a Ship steering North watch to work on the Rigging the Cook and steward butchered a Hog the day ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 17..40 Long [LONGITUDE] 29..16

Sunday 20th The day Began with Light Trades steering South Latter part had rather more wind hauled up S by E to make Trinidad the day being the Sabbath no Labour [LABOR] done onboard more than was absolutly [ABSOLUTELY] necessary so ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 19..20 Long [LONGITUDE] 29..12