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KC at Dec 11, 2023 09:53 PM


can properly arise in this application as I

observe there is in the 14th Section of the act of

the last session a proviso, saving from the

operation of that statute the rights of co(?)

which, by their compliance with the law,

had (illegible) (illegible).

As grants delay, being ustie (scratched out) (scratched out)

(consequient?) therein to the private stockholders

has already occurred, I must request

your action upon the application at the

earliest moment your public engagement

will permit. And understanding that you

expect to rent your Plantation soon, I hope

you will find no inconvenience in

doing so, before your departure as it

is important in the aspirations of the

company that the (illegible) should issure

without further delay.

When I conversed with you in Nashville

I thougt it possible the company might

be disposed to suspend the work, but they

think there is no alternative left on the

action of the Legislature, but to proceed.

Your (Friend?)

Ge'd J. Pillow
Prest. C.C. (Illegible)