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On motion it was ordered that Mr. L. Heilbron
be appointed as a committee of one to get bids
from professional cleaners to keep the synagogue
in good order, to clean and wash windows and
also get bids for the collections.

A note of thanks were tendered to Mr. [H. Witau??]
for past services and also that the secretary
communicate with Mr. Witau that the Board
regrets that a misunderstanding
between him and Mr. [Hanley??] should have occurred.

A note of thanks was also tendered to Miss Sophia Price
for services and that the Board should procure
a fine set of prayer books to be presented to
Miss Price, the books to be suitably inscribed
and the secretary was instructed to purchase
same and also purchase or order 25 extra
daily Prayers for the use of visitors.

Mr. Weinstock asked the privilege of inviting
ministers of other denominations to occury the pulpit
on Friday evening. On motion the same was
unanimously granted, and that Mr. Wise
from San Francisco should be included among
those to occupy the pulpit on some Friday
evening at such time as Mr. Weinstock sees fit.

On motion it was ordered that the Board approve
the ushers for the synagogue to act in alternate
months. The Chair appointed Mr. M.S. Lavenson
and H. Fraley for the month of October and
Mr. Jo. Thubin and J. Auchele for the month
of November and the Secretary when ever
he can assist.

The Secretary was authorized to notify Mr. Wilson
of the arrangements the Board made concerning