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The President stated that Mr. Stanley had
made arrangements with Mr. [Bearby??] to sing
on the New Year to [??] of Mr. Witau
could not be here on that day, and [??] a [??]
[??] during which Mr. Witau had also to engage
him for Day of Atonment and ask the Board
to draw a warrent for $15.00 for his services.
The same was on motion granted.

The President also asked that warrants be
drawn for Mr. [Muller??] for $2.50, Miss Nourse $5.00,
Miss Longbottom $2.00, Mr. Adler $2.50, and
Mr. Griffin $2.50 for singing and playing on
Yom Kippur. On motion the same was
ordered paid and warrants drawn on the Treasurer
for the amount.

On motion it was ordered that Mr. Stanley
receive $5.00 extra salary for the month of

The regular monthly salaries were
ordered paid as follows.
Collector $50.00, Mr. Stanley $10.00, Miss Ross $10.00
Mr. Mohns $15.00
On motion it was ordered that the bill for gas
for 68.95 be paid, also 15.00 for advertising.

On motion it was ordered that the Board advertise
for a Rabbi in the American Israelite for one

On motion Mr. Thuben, M.S. Lavunson
and L. Salomon were appointed a committee
to get new members for the congregation.

No further business appearking
the meeting adjourned.
Leon Salomon