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Should it please God to spare my life for twenty years, I
believe that I shall behold great changes: either the tenets of the
fanatical party that caused this dreadful struggle will have been
pushed to their logical results, and the powerful government of the
United States will be broken into Jarring fragments, unless held together
by a strong central despotism; or the theory of the Constitution
and the rights of the States, which impelled the South to this dreadful
contest, will be recognised as true, her conduct will be applauded as
just, and her brave sons will be honored as patriots and not denounced
as traitors.

For the unhappy negro, the innocent occasion of the quarrel, it
appears to me the end is clear. Either under a change of name he will
be constrained to his former subordination to the superior race; or brought
into full competition and collision with it, he will rapidly perish,
like the Indian, before its ruthless energy and superior endowments.
Already vast numbers of this poor people have died: a large proportion
of those who were once happy and contented laborers upon the plantations
of my family are in their graves, but of three hundred upon one estate
near Savannah, one hundred and seventy six have perished: and it is
stated by those who know that the appalling number of five thousand
have found their graves in Savannah since the United States took
possession, a period of six months.

June 18th
For the first time in my life I feel the pressure of want. The